Marimo Globe: Lapis & Infinite


Marimo, a Japanese word which literally translates to “seaweed ball” are not moss at all – they’re actually a rare form of spherical algae.  They are naturally found in just a few fresh water lakes in Japan, Estonia,and Iceland.  Marimo Balls are considered a good luck charm for their keeper.

This marimo globes feature one moss ball, about 1″ in diameter, along with a bed of lapis lazuli, infinite, and moonstone.  This combination of stones is powerfully healing, transformative, and grounding.

Clear quartz sphere topper.

Dimensions: 4.5″ Diameter

Care Instructions: Your Marimo can live for decades with a bit of easy care.  Expose your Marimo to minimal sunlight.  Change your Marimo’s water every couple of weeks and wipe any algae from the sides of his/her container if it ever grows (unlikely).  You can use filtered or tap water.

Your Marimo will grow about 5mm per year.

Shipping: Your Marimo Globe will ship to you without water and will need to be assembled upon delivery.  You will receive all items as pictured here- simply add the crystals and Marimo to your globe and fill with water.  The Marimo will be sent in a small amount of water for travel, and can survive for up to 1 week outside of water.