Gemmy Succulent


Dimensions: 6″ Diameter x 8″ High

Single succulent planted in clear glass container.

Soil layered with amazonite, botswana agate, amethyst, peridot

Care Instructions: Place your plant where it will receive bright sunlight or plentiful indirect sunlight.  Water your succulent every couple of weeks using a squeeze bottle directly around the base of the plant.  Succulents are drought tolerant and prefer to be under-watered.  However when you do water, feel free to water liberally- as with desert conditions, succulents are used to receiving a lot of water at one time.  They then store and use this water until the next watering.  Your plant may loose it’s bottom layer of leaves over time as it grows.  This is natural and not a sign of under-watering.  Fertilize with our Magic Fertilizer every 1-2 months.


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